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Want to Paint Your Bathroom? Read This!

Painting a bathroom is not quite as easy as painting other rooms in your house, but a fresh coat of paint in your bathroom can really make a difference.

Before you start, take these few things into consideration.

Paint Type

Bathrooms are likely the most used room in the house. Everyone’s morning and nighttime routine take place there, in addition to the intermittent usage throughout the day. And your guests use this room as well. And each time some goes in there, they use water. Showers create condensation. Washing and drying hands splash water. You must have paint that holds up to this.

You can find bathroom paint at any of your hardware stores. This is mild resistant and resists water. If for some reason you do/can not use bathroom paint, at least be sure to get a high-quality brand and get a gloss finish.

The gloss finish has 2 benefits in the bathroom over the matte or semi-gloss finish. First, it hides mistakes and imperfections better. In a small room, imperfections are more noticeable. Second, the gloss finish is more moisture resistant.

Twists and Turns

Your bathroom likely has towel racks, toilet paper hanger and mirrors mounted to the wall. Take these down. It will make painting easier and neater. You can also take out your toilet tank. Sounds crazy, but that tank is easily removable and will give you much more space to navigate and get clearer lines. Removing as many fixtures as possible will help make your job look more professional.

You may look at your bathroom and think- it’s smaller than the living room. This will be easy. That is rarely the case. In the living room, you move all the furniture to the middle of the room and cover it with a tarp. That is not happening in the bathroom!

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