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5 Tips for Decorating Your Space with Paint and Wallpaper.

If you are into interior design and keep up with trendy Pinterest styles you might notice that wallpaper is making a pretty big comeback. But it is entirely different from the wallpaper of our past.

In this example, the photo features a 1970s home with wallpaper everywhere and a lovely design of florals and fruits decorate the ceiling. Whether it be fully decorated rooms all coated in wallpaper or just an accent, its no secret that designers are going absolutely nuts with creative ways to use wallpaper and paint together in the same space.


Are you on board with this trend? If you are we have some tips for you!

1. Use wallpaper in small doses.

If you're looking for a way to spruce up your space, wallpaper and paindt might do the trick. But too much wallpaper will have your space end up looking like a 1970s kitchen again. If you use wallpaper in a small space and pair it with a paint and a trim you would really help bring the eye up the wall and suddenly you're looking at the room as a whole, as opposed to being overwhelmed by patterns.

Blue bedroom with panel wallpaper floral design
By interior designer Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay

Or use wallpaper behind bookshelves to make your books stand out.

2. Use Paint to balance out a busy pattern.

Like the image above you may notice that the wallpaper is not the star of the show. It is merely a detail that helps balance the room and is treated as a work of art. Too much wallpaper can be too busy and overwhelming. Which, for most people is not what homes should be. They are meant to be a calming and safe atmosphere. The use of paint is important and picking the right color for your space is necessary in the process of creating your safe space.

3. Keep in mind the properties of each material.

When using wallpaper and paint together you want to keep in mind the properties of the materials that you're using. Both paint and wallpaper can come in a variety of different styles from various degrees of shiny and matte. You want to make sure that you are choosing styles that compliment each other in such a way that feels natural.

4. Go with Contrasting Colors to make a statement.

If your intention is to make a statement with your space, you might want to consider using contrasting colors. It is an interesting way to draw the eye to a point in the room of which you desire the focus. You could also use contrasting colors to break up a large room and give a better definition of space.

(image credit: Annie Sloan)

Or take a look at this hallway which combined a dark paint with a light wallpaper.

5. Some important things to remember.

And lastly some important things to remember when decorating your space.

  • Have a color scheme or two in mind when you are planning. This way you know what class of color and pattern you might like to go for.

  • Consider the main hue of your wallpaper this is likely the best option for the rest of your room if you're only doing a certain section in wallpaper.

  • Think about the properties of each material.

  • Don't be afraid to go bold.

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