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New Year...New Closet

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Painting your closet seems like a waste of time and money especially if it is only a small closet. But whether your closet is a large and glamorous walk-in or a small basic storage closet, it is likely an integral part of the start of your day.

Your morning may consist of staring into the closet to find the perfect outfit. Or maybe you start your day with a shower and you go to the linen closet to grab a fresh towel. Maybe your hamper is in the closet and you start your day with laundry and other chores. Staring into a crisp and cleanly painted closet is much better than starting your morning looking at chipped and faded paint.

Yes, it is a pain.

It is January during a pandemic, what else are you doing?

You have to take everything out of your closet. Then you have to find a place to store all of that for about a day. This can be annoying (or maybe it can lead you to clean out that closet!), but it will be worth it. Just lay that stuff on the bed or the couch. If it is near the closet being painted, cover it with some plastic. Done

Now that you have decided it is worth painting your closet, what color should you paint it?

White or the color of the rest of your room. Those are the best choices. Choosing to go with the color of the rest of the room will give the room flow, especially if you leave your closet door open often. It can also help save money on paint as you will not have to buy another color.

However, another consideration is to go with a semi-gloss in the closet. This finish is more durable, and closet walls get bumped and dinged quite a bit as you pull and push things in and out! Choosing a more inexpensive flat white paint is fine too. You may even have some leftover from another project.

It will feel good to paint your closets. It will not take too much time, whether this is a DIY job or if you have a professional paint team!

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