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Painting A Kid's Room Just Got More Fun!

The days of pink for girls and blue for boys are over. Overly themed race car or Disney rooms are no longer among the top options for kids' rooms. Kids and parents have many choices when it comes to room decor. And what this means is room decor that has staying power, flows better with the rest of the house and does not require a major overhaul as the child ages.

Here are some of our favorite designs.

Here designer Nicole Fuller went with a classic blue and white. This classic look can be styled for a baby but also allow small scale changes as the child gets older.

Play Focused Rooms

These rooms from Family Education and This Old House just scream “Let’s play!”. And we are loving this trend of designing a play focused room. Personal space at all ages is important and can help teach autonomy and independence. Each of these rooms features a solid painted wall and a designed accent wall which gives it a whimsical feel.

Colorful Rooms

Painting a child’s room with bright colors can help stir the imagination. And while a child may be obsessed with one certain color at the time of room design, there is no doubt that color will change soon. Colorful rooms allow the child to have their favorite color, but will not require the parent to redo the room each time the child’s favorite color changes. These images from Bob Villa and Architecture Art Design are some of our favorites.

Who doesn’t want their child to wake up to sunshine every morning? Painting a child’s room bright yellow might just put a bounce in their step each morning. As you can see from the pictures below yellow is very versatile. The first found on Bob Villa’s site is soothing and calm as is the second one by Lush Homes. Yet the last one designed by Lush Homes is more energetic.

And lastly, here is a reminder from Architecture Art Design that superhero themed rooms do not have to be tacky or corny. These colors are mature and sleek and allow the child to grow and change without requiring a total revamp of the room.

Choosing the right color paint for your child's room can be a daunting task. The paint color you choose can make or break a room. A professional painter can assist with these decisions.

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