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Can I Paint My Interior Walls in the Winter?

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Winter can inspire interior design changes. We are in our houses more often in the winter, and even more so during a global pandemic, so inevitably we start looking around at the chipping paint, the wearing rug and the out of fashion furniture. We dream up wonderful ways to redesign the house.

But is it safe and is it good practice to paint your interior walls in the winter?

It is, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

The first thing to consider is the temperature of your house. Paint dries best above 60°F. If you keep certain rooms at low temperatures to save on electricity (good for you), but when painting you may need to raise those temps. Keep in mind that your walls, especially those that have an exterior side will be colder than the air.

Fortunately, the winter air is dry and the paint dries best in dry air.

Keeping the house above 60°F does not sound difficult, sure, but it might be a little more difficult than you are thinking at first because it is a good idea to open the windows when having the walls painted. Proper ventilation is important. Running fans and keeping all interior does open can help and will reduce how many windows need to be open. Additionally, there are low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) and zero-VOC paints that can be used and will produce a healthier environment.

Keep in mind that painters will want to paint during daylight hours or in bright lighting. This may limit how quickly the job can get done.

A bonus to painting your house in the winter is that you will likely not have to wait to get a professional painting company in there. Business for these companies slows down as most exterior jobs are done in warmer months.

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