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Let's Paint the Garage Floor!

Winter is a great time to organize the house. We are stuck inside and sometimes bored. And the garage is a great place to start!

But once that garage is organized, it may not look as amazing as you had imagined. And that is probably because the floor has not been freshly painted. A painted garage floor not only looks clean, but it is also clean.

Garage floors are filled with dirt, oil, chemicals, spilled paint, filth, dust, dead bugs, sawdust, animal feces and other things we may not be able (or willing) to imagine. The dirtiest of work (and fun!) happens in the garage.

Many of us use the garage as a workspace or a play space for the kids, so we deserve a clean and relaxing space.

Plus a painted garage floor is healthier. Concrete floors create more dust than a painted floor. Painted floors also allow for quicker and easier cleaning.

Painting your garage floor is not as hard as you think.

First, you will want to choose between latex or epoxy paint. Latex is cheaper, but in the long run, epoxy will serve you better. Epoxy bonds better with concrete and can give you four years before you will have to repaint. With latex, you will likely have to repaint in two years.

Before you start to paint, you will want to clean the garage floor really well. Definitely use a pressure washer.

If there is residual paint from an earlier paint job, remove it with a chemical stripper for the best results.

Also before you start to paint, you will want to fill in any cracks in the cement with concrete or mortar repair compound. This will help the new coat of paint be even and help eliminate chipping.

As always, applying a primer will increase the richness of color and also strengthen the bond for the paint.

Then apply to paint! Let dry for 24 hours before you walk on it or put furniture back. And to be safe, give it about 1 week before you pull the car in!

If it is too cold for you this winter or if you want to make sure it is done perfectly, call Chieffo Painters!

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