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I Have a Home Office Now. What Color Should I Paint It?

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Maybe you have always had a home office. Maybe it is new. But one thing is for sure, a room you spend this much time in better be conducive to the work you are doing.

Color can have an emotional impact on people. While the research on this is scarcer than you might imagine we know that at least our culture and experiences impact how we feel about colors.

Artists of all mediums use color to evoke feelings and to provoke the mind to a point. Home decorators may rely on these cultural norms. Colorology is the holistic therapy approach that uses colors to change feelings and promote healing. While this sounds very new age, it is actually an ancient practice from the Egyptians and Chinese.

Here are some colors and what they typically evoke in Western cultures.

Colors in the reds can evoke a range of feelings, from warmth to frustration and anger. In colorology, red light is used to stimulate the mind and increase circulation

Blue colors, including purples and greens, are typically associated with being calm and cool, but can also be considered depressing. In colorology, it is used to soothe.

White often represents fresh, clean and young. Silver is the 3rd most common color for cars, and many associated with technology and modernity.

Again, while color psychology is not well developed and while many scientists are skeptical of colorology, there have been studies that show there is something to colors and our emotions.

Warm-colored placebo pills had a bigger effect on people than cool-colored pills. Blue colors streetlights can reduce crime. Red can cause people to respond with great speed. Students who looked at the color red before taking a test did worse on the test on average by 20%.

So what color should I paint my office?

If you are new to the work at home life, you probably want to reduce your distractions. Neutrals, blues and greens can provide a clean and calming look while also appearing modern. These colors are not loud, so if you have a busy corkboard or a bookshelf these colors will not add to the clutter.

Lighting Matters

It is not just about the paint. Good lighting can add a positive feeling to the room and energize you. Plus good lighting reduces eye strain that can cause headaches. Your light source should never be directly behind you. This can cause a distracting glare

Add functionality!

Chalkboard paint has been around for years. We see it often in people’s kitchens or mudrooms with the week’s menu or grocery list or cute quotes for the family. Chalkboard paint can also be functional for your office.

But if that seems too dark or if you are not interested in dealing with chalk dust, there are now a ton of brands of dry erase paint. This is a little more cumbersome to use. It comes in a kit and once it is activated you must use it. And it is more expensive than chalkboard paint.

They also have magnetic paint and of course, you can buy a roll of corkboard.

All of these are great ways to organize, accentuate and personalize your workspace.

Like all decisions when it comes to painting, you look at what the professionals advise and take into account your lifestyle and preferences and make a decision.

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