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Bathroom Wall Paint Colors That Will Always Be Trendy

When remodeling or freshening up your home, start small. A great place to start is the bathroom! But, to avoid constant re-painting and maintenance, here are some colors to consider, that will always be in style!


Blues with grey undertones are the most relaxing, perfect for a bathroom oasis! Blue-greys are timeless! Check out the blue-grey color palette below!


Grey is currently trending, but it also happens to be one of the most timeless colors to paint any room in your home, let alone your bathroom! Grey is great because it is versatile with just about any decor you’d like to use! Looks great with both gold and silver hardwares.


Taupes are known to be beautiful and calming. You can’t go wrong with this color. If you’re seeking more of a neutral color palette, consider a taupe shade.

Are you excited about a possible bathroom makeover? Contact us today for a consultation, (215) 646-1300!

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