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7 Hacks to Make Your Small Space seem Bigger

We've all heard about color psychology - fast food restaurants use red to invoke hunger or how hospitals paint their walls blue to calm their patients. Did you know you can also apply this type of color psychology to promote productivity? Depending on what kind of space you work in determines what colors will give you the biggest boost in production.

In a hectic workplace, shades of blue will neutralize the chaos for workers, clients, and customers. Consider using blue for a break room or space for employees to relax.

Shades of greens and blues will keep workers motivated and calm while also avoid eye strain caused by more harsh colors. The calming stability of these colors have also been known to reduce anxiety and lower heart rates.

Innovation is fueled by optimism and energy which is brought about through shades of yellow. Remember to use this as an accent color to avoid the tension it's also known to cause.

If you're looking for a general color for productivity, green is the way to go. The coolness of green shades will create a balanced and spry team ready to tackle any creative project.

Red should be avoided unless you want to highlight something of urgency. Otherwise, the anxiety and increased heart rate caused by red can induce stress and conflict that would hinder a productive workplace.

Convincing clients that your product or service is of high value is a difficult job. People associate orange with good value so adding a splash or two of this color will make any meeting between employees and clients go more smoothly.

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