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What's the Right Painting Company for you?

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

This has been a beautiful summer, and with so few places to go, you have probably been spending time in your yard. Maybe you have been relaxing or gardening, and maybe you have taken a closer look at your house and realized the paint needs freshening up!

It has probably been a while since you have had a painter, maybe never before, so where do you start.

Ask a Friend

A great place to start is with friends, neighbors, and family. Be sure to ask why they liked their company so much because often we have different expectations and standards than our acquaintances.

My uncle, a contractor, would always tell me: “you can have 2: inexpensive, high quality and quick, but never all 3.”

The two that are important to me may not be important to you, and before you can accept a recommendation from me, that should be established.

Another thing to consider is the communication style. How do you want to communicate with the company you chose and how often? Frequently dissatisfaction with others can be summed up by communication.


After you have decided on a company, make sure you do a Google search to see what the reviews say. However, remember that one bad review does not a bad company make. Companies are run by people and people make mistakes. If you see a bad review, before you move on, look at the other reviews. If the bad review is complaining about quality, are there good reviews about their quality.

Another thing to look for when you see a bad review is did and how did the company respond to that review. Their response will say a lot about their character. That may be important to you too.

Estimates and Contracts

You have asked friends and family and you have checked reviews, but still, you should get at least 2 estimates, especially if you are really unsure of the average cost of a job like yours.

And before you make the final decision, read that contract. Be sure to look over the details and make sure you are ok with the payment terms, make sure the details are correct and make sure you have all of your questions answered.

Painting your house is a large undertaking, financially and aesthetically. Having the right team will make all the difference.

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