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Should I Paint My House Purple?

I would bet that Cape May, NJ has inspired many people to paint the exterior of their houses crazy colors. For those who have never been, Cape May is full of large Victorian houses and small colorful cottages like the ones below featured in NJ Monthly

And like the bed and breakfast pictured below, Angel of the Sea.

I have dreamt of painting my house purple with a turquoise door. And I am fortunate to have been talked out of it. First off, I do not live in a beach town that has funky houses. I live in a modest neighborhood built in the 1920s. A purple house with a turquoise door would be obnoxious.

Secondly, do purple and turquoise even go together on the exterior of a house?

There are ways for people who do not live at the beach or in a funky neighborhood to use non-traditional exterior paint colors, but careful study or consultation with an expert is required.

Make Your Door Pop

One of the best ways I have seen non-traditional colors used was on the door.

Imagine an ivory and white house with a turquoise door. Gorgeous and subtle.

Or a black and white house with a red door. Quaint and clean.

A yellow door on a modern gray or slate blue house. Sleek and stately.

Make those Shutters Work for You

Certain houses without shutters will look funny, which I have always found ironic since shutters are rarely utilitarian. But we have become accustomed to them on our houses! So if they are purely ornamental, then we can make them ornate, right?

I love it when I see simple houses with shutters that pop; they add instant curb appeal.

Bright turquoise shutters on a white house gives the house a tropical or beach feel, but a more muted turquoise shutter can give the house a farm or historical look.

A neutral color will give your house a classic feel. Picture a slate blue.

For people like me who want a bright purple house, a good compromise is shutters. Imagine a subtle light lavender house with bright purple shutters, not ridiculous at all.

Shutters and doors are amazing ways to add color to a traditional house. Check out this online issue of Southern Living Magazine for more ideas.

But I Want My Whole House to be Painted Non-Traditionally


And we are seeing more and more of that. Here are some colors that have been popular in 2020.

  • Dark gray.

  • Sage green.

  • Mint green

  • Butter yellow

  • Mustard yellow

  • Colonial blue (one of my neighbors has a colonial blue house with a clay Spanish roof. It blows my mind every time I walk past it; it is stunning).

  • Barn red

  • Black

But Can I Really Do It?

Great question.

Obviously, you should consult with a color specialist. A good painting company will be able to help you with this.

Here are the things they will help you consider.

  • Landscaping- You have to consider if the color you intend to paint your house goes with the overall motif of your house, and landscaping is part of that. And will this color match your landscaping during all seasons.

  • Style of house- painting an old farmhouse black probably will not look right. Painting a modern house black can look sleek.

  • Your neighbors- will the color fit your neighborhood? While you do not need their permission, if you think the color might offend them or make it harder for them to sell their house, and you want to be a considerate neighbor, you will chat with them.

  • Your roof- the color and style of your roof should match the color and style of your house for a harmonious look.

Painting your house is a huge undertaking. Be sure to consider all of these components and talk with a professional. Have fun!

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