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How to Decide if the Climate is Fit for an Exterior Paint Job

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

An exterior paint job comes with many considerations, one of which is the weather. Because the weather is ever-changing, how to decide when it’s good to paint and not paint?

Temperature & Humidity

The temperature and humidity are the two biggest factors to consider when it comes to exterior paint jobs.

When applying paint, how hot or cold it should be can differ to some extent, based on the type of paint you are using. Also, be conscious of temperature fluctuations, which can affect the drying time and overall appearance of the paint job itself.

Humidity also affects paint during the application and drying process. High levels of humidity cause the paint to dry slower, potentially leading to wrinkles and an overall worse appearance compared to paint jobs done in ideal humidity levels.

Planning an exterior paint job is hard and time-consuming. Make life easier by checking the weather, you never know how that will affect the project!

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