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The Hottest Interior Design Colors for 2021

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Each year ushers in new trends for each industry. As an enthusiast of that industry, this can be exciting.

Well, 2021 will be an exciting time for interior design enthusiasts!

In 2021, we expect to see more living rooms painted in: shades of green, gray with a pop of color, oranges, fuschia (how fun!), neutral colors and blues.

Sherwin Williams has released their 2020-21 color palettes, and typically they are a good indicator of what will be popular. They are widely respected as a trusted paint brand and a bellwether of trends. And that is not shocking as they describe their process of prediction here: “Before we start working on the forecast, each one of us has spent months researching and gathering inspiration around color, design, and pop culture trends across the world,” stated Sue Wadden of SW.

Each year Sherwin Williams releases their color palettes they predict will trend. They also declare a color of the year.

For 2020, Naval SW 6244 is the color of the year. This color was chosen because of the focus on mind, spirit and body that 2020 embraced and that will likely last for a decade. This color is meant to conjure thoughts of the midnight sky and the depths of the ocean, empowering and relaxing.

And that calming and biophilia trend continues. Even before the pandemic hit, people’s interests were leaning toward mindfulness and balance. We saw an increase in mindfulness apps, yoga studios and self-help books. And then enter March 2020, when the world was flipped around on us; surely more than ever we needed calm and simplicity, but also people began looking for ways to get back to the basics.

In fact, Pinterest reported that searches for cottagecore (an aesthetic that celebrates traditional skills and crafts) surged during the stay at home orders. People began looking for ways to garden, bake and rely on themselves more than in previous years.

So while I imagine Sherwin Williams did not see the pandemic coming when they began researching the trends, their color choices continue to make sense.

Here are the 4 color palettes of Sherwin Williams for the current and upcoming year: Sanctuary, Encounter, Continuum, and Tapestry.

You might have guessed that Sanctuary is a peaceful and relaxed palette including colors like Pure White, Urban Bronze and Oakmoss. This is the palette mostly inspired by the biophilia the world is embracing and also includes soft greens and other earthy tones.

Encounter is also earthy but rooted in colors like Java, Rosemary and Redden Earth these colors are rich and deep. Here is where you will see your earthly blues.

Continuum is more upbeat and colorful but still relaxed. This palette includes colors like Novel Lilac. You will see charcoals and yellows here as well.

Perfect Periwinkle screams joy and adventure for the Tapestry palette. Here you will also see bold color combinations.

Reading about color trends is great. Not only does it keep our houses up to date, but knowing that Sherwin Williams does so much research these trends also help us understand the world around us.

However, trends are not law. Because we only paint our house every few years, be sure to pick colors and color combos you are comfortable with and that speak to you, especially for your house. Not those that are simply trendy.

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