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The Business of Painting Your Business

Just like when you are picking colors for your home, there is much to consider when choosing a color for your commercial building.

Likely, there is a little less freedom and choice when choosing a color for your business. Here are some things to consider as you start planning your project.

Your Logo and Brand

The color of your building should not clash with your logo. This is pretty obvious. But you should also consider your brand. What are you trying to say to your customers? Are you fun and light? Or do you need to be serious and austere?


Many businesses are in a historic district. Charming definitely, but also restrictive. Not only may there be preservation ordinances in place, but there are also aesthetics at play as well. You cannot go with super modern colors if you are in an old historic district.

A Victorian house has a specific look, maintain that.


Don’t forget that lighting changes the color of the paint. What will the color look like not only in natural light but in your nighttime lighting? Do you have spotlights or floodlights that may change the nighttime look?

Materials and Size

The building’s materials should also be considered. Some materials will absorb color differently changing the color of the paint. There are also certain paints that are best for certain building materials. Consult with a commercial painter to learn more about this.

Large buildings are often painted in a neutral color. It can be overwhelming to see a bright red office building. To add a pop of color you can consider window and door trims and other small accents in the architecture.

Your Surroundings

While standing out can be a good thing, if your business is surrounding by similar-looking buildings and you go off the rails, it will be noticeable, but unlikely positive recognition.

Additionally, you should look at the size of your lot. If it is small, dark colors will make your building look smaller so it does not give off an oversized and looming look.

What about the landscaping? Will it change with the winter months? If so, choose a color that will do the building justice in all seasons.

Choosing the Right Company

There are many questions to ask prospective companies before hiring one.

First, ask them about their license and insurance. This is for the safety of their workers and your business.

Second, ask them a little about their business. How long have they been in business? How many employees do they have and how long have they been with them? You want a company that is established and has trustworthy employees.

If they are new in business, what is the owner’s background? Who is the lead on the job and what is their background and experience?

Third, it is likely your business will remain open throughout this project. How will they handle keeping the entryways clear and safe? What is their plan for shutting down specific parts if necessary? How long will this take?

You will also want to ask if they use subcontractors and who they are.

And it is not uncommon to ask for references. Painters spend quite a bit of time with and around their clients. It is likely they have formed a good rapport with a few.

Once you have chosen the company that fits your needs best, be sure to get the quote, the timing and the safety practices in writing.

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