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Don't Hit a Brick Wall: Tips for Painting Your Exterior Brick

People have been using bricks as building materials since 4000BC. They are the longest-lasting and strongest building material. Production of bricks picked up during the Industrial Revolution. Bricks absorb humidity better than other materials helping to prevent mildew and mold. Bricks are fire retardant and also prevent sound from traveling. Bricks are low maintenance and have a durable and built-in color.

But what if you do not like that long-lasting color. Should you paint brick?

First, know that painting brick is a long term commitment. You will have to use chemicals to remove the paint and even then it will not be totally restored. There will be remnants of that paint.

Second, consider the condition of your brick and the moisture it is exposed to. Painting over chipped and cracked bricks may lead to those bricks holding in water causing mildew and mold.

If the bricks are in good shape, you still must use the right paint. There is a paint specifically for bricks. It is more porous paint that will allow the bricks to breathe. This must be used on exterior brick walls and should be considered for interior brick walls.

Exterior Brick

You must remember that brick was not meant to be painted. Exterior walls see a lot of action. The weather and passersby both beat up on a brick wall (kids love to play ball on a brick wall)! So if you are going to paint your exterior brick wall, be prepared to repaint it every few years.

Colors for Exterior Brick

Muted and simple colors are best for exterior brick walls. Consider colors like white and gray. Or maybe a sage green. These colors look natural with brick.

If you are still unsure if you should paint your exterior brick, consider using accents to make you brick pop. If you have a reddish brick, try accenting it with blues and grays.

Regardless of the material you are painting, if you are painting the exterior of your house, call a professional! Your house deserves it!

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