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Inexpensive Color Consultations Do Not Need to Be Expensive

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Choosing a paint color is a huge decision. This is the color you will look at while you eat dinner, when you open your eyes first thing in the morning, and as you rock your baby to sleep.

We get why this decision stresses you out.

There are tons of magazines, blogs and Pinterest boards that can help you, but for many, there is a nagging deep down saying “you better not choose the wrong color” or even worse telling you “you have no clue what you are doing.”

I have been there. I have asked friends, but they do not want to answer. “It’s a personal choice,” they say.

This is what a color consultant is for, and you do not have to spend a ton of money either. A good home painter will talk with you and help you decide.

They will help you consider: the amount of light a room gets, the flow of color (when you stand in one room or a hallway, you do not only have to consider that room’s color but all the other rooms you see from there) and mood and vibe of the room.

When choosing someone to work with on color consultation, be sure you find someone who wants to hear your thoughts. This is your house. If you chose to go with someone that is not listening to you, you have to wonder whose best interest this person has in mind.

Now that does not mean your consultant should not direct you, but if you feel unheard, this is the wrong person to design your house.

Another thing to consider when working with this consultant is how often do you plan on changing the colors of your house. If you like to paint every few years, trendy colors will be ok. If you do not want to redo the walls, tell your consultant that you are looking for more timeless colors.

Don’t Forget the Trim!

The trim should pretty much be consistent throughout the house, but in some cases there are other options than white. Discuss this. And if there is a room that you want to make a statement with, consider a different color trim than the rest of the house.

A color consultant can help you with that as well.

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