What Color Should I Paint My Home

It's simple. Neutral colors and tones.

There are many things to consider when choosing the color you should paint a room.

Things like chairs, sofas, desks, tables, love seats, family heirlooms, and more. In other words, the color of the walls has everything to do with the furnishings in a room.

Wow, T Chieffo Custom Painters! That’s frightening! How am I going to deal with all those colors?

It’s simple. Neutral colors and tones.

Consider your walls as the background for everything you have furnished in your room. You want people’s eyes to be drawn not to the walls but to the décor in the room. Darker colors or wallpaper on the walls of the room tend to grab the attention of the person’s eyesight, distracting them away from your beautiful décor. If a painter has applied the right neutral color to your room, your visitor doesn’t even notice the walls. They are focused on the furnishings that you have poured your heart (and money) into.

Darker and bolder wall colors make a room feel smaller. More confined. Less open. Claustrophobia anyone? People can feel inexplicably uncomfortable in a room painted with darker paint.

What are neutral colors? Take a look at this graphic we found on Pinterest from the website Decorating Your Small Space.

Please keep in mind that neutral does not mean there is no color. Even beige can have undertones such as gold, tan, or pink. White can have a tint of yellow, blue, peach, or ivory.

The best course of action is for you to bring neutral color swatches home from your local DIY store. Put the swatches behind or adjacent to your prized furnishings and pieces of décor. Which neutral color compliments most of the furnishings in the room? That will be your color of choice.

Or, you can simply ask us at T Chieffo Custom Painters. We are experts in matching the right color paint for the furnishings in your room. Give us the challenge and we will recommend the color scheme that’s a best fit for each of the rooms in your home.



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