7 Ways to Avoid The Dreaded Drip of Paint

Professional painters, like T Chieffo Custom Painters, seem to stay calm throughout a painting project and never spill a drop of paint. How do they do it?

Painting can be a disaster.  A headache.  A source of great anxiety.


The dreaded drip of paint.  Spillage.

Many weekend Do-It-Yourself painters have shouted expletives and kicked the trash can outside after dripping paint on priceless furniture or spilling paint on the floor.  There are nightmare stories of foot prints of paint tracking through the floor in a room.

However, professional painters like T Chieffo Custom Painters seem to stay calm throughout a painting project and never spill a drop of paint.  How do they do it?

  1. Cover walls and furniture with plastic. Paint drips.  The key in a painting project is to make each drip irrelevant.  Protect everything nearby that you do not want painted with plastic.
  2. Use the correct brushes. A quality brush has more bristles.  Why does that matter?  The more bristles, the more paint the brush can hold.  This avoids multiple “dips” into the paint can.  The less dips, the less chance of drips.
  3. Use canvas drop cloths for the floor. Plastic drop cloths rip and tear.  You move your ladder, it rips the plastic, and now you have a hole begging for a drop of paint to land.  Use canvas drop cloths for the floor.  They are durable and do not rip.
  4. Don’t work from the paint can. Paint cans tend to accumulate paint along the rim that overflows down the side of the can.  It creates a mess. Carefully pour the paint into another container, a container that allows you to tap off excess paint from the brush.
  5. Watch where you put the brush. Sometimes, you may need to go to the bathroom in the middle of painting a wall.  What do you do with the paintbrush?  If you put it on the ladder, You're asking for the brush to fall to the floor.  Leave the brush in your paint container with the bristles in the paint until you return in a few minutes.
  6. Preparation of the walls. There is a tiny hole in the wall.  You apply paint and the hole remains.  What is the temptation you experience?  Apply more and more paint.  Eventually, the hole is drowned in paint and You're satisfied you “fixed” the problem.  However, each time you add more paint to your brush, You're inviting more and more drips.  Think about it – properly preparing and repairing a wall before painting can actually cut down on the amount of paint applied to the wall, reducing the drips.
  7. Roll with care. There are two ways to make a mess with a paint roller.  First, you pour too much paint into the painting tray.  The ribs of the tray are intended to evenly distribute the paint on the roller.  If your paint covers the ribs, your roller brush will have too much paint on it as you move it to the wall.  Second, you apply too much pressure on the wall.  The pressure damages the roller brush, reducing its ability to absorb and evenly distribute the paint throughout the fibers.  Once damaged, the roller brush begins to have globs of paint.

The best way to avoid the “dripping” headache that can be associated with painting is to let the professionals deal with it.  Our reputation at T Chieffo Custom Painters is built because our team knows how to avoid damaging your home or business by the messy drip.



    Hello, I just wanted to let you all know what a wonderful job you are doing with warranty. You have successfully transitioned into a routine by scheduling and competing warranty repairs in a timely manner. I just wanted to let you all know that I really appreciate your hard work and dedication. I have reattached the Open Work Order Report because we have a lot of repairs scheduled in the next few weeks. Please let the attached act as confirmation (reminder) for all upcoming warranty repairs. Thank you and keep up the great work!

    Cathy E, Toll Brothers.


    I have been doing this a long time, probably way too long, but how you, Tony and your crew handled the issue with the stairs at lot 49 was awesome! This could have turned into a complete mess but I walked into the house this morning and was impressed with finish of stairs! Even more importantly my homeowner is thrilled and very appreciative of your efforts!! Thanks again!

    Kevin Horwath, NVR Inc.


    My husband and I were extremely happy with T Chieffo Custom Painting. His men were professional, clean and were on time to start the day. I would highly recommend!

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    Everything looks great. I thought the dining room came out really well! It's different, but definitely what we were looking for. Thanks again for the fast and quality work.

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    Thanks for the hard work. The house came out great and buyer is happy as always.

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    Now that is fast service!!! Lot 16 WSPR homeowner just called me and mentioned that you were there to complete warranty. THANK YOU!!! FYI, He sounded very pleased with your service ….thank you.

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