6 Ways to Protect Your Painting Investment

The painting project is over and now your home looks absolutely beautiful. Nice! However, the thought comes to your mind – how can you keep it looking this amazing for a long time?

The painting project is over and now your home looks absolutely beautiful.


However, the thought comes to your mind – how can you keep it looking this amazing for a long time?  We would like to suggest the following ideas:

  1. Apply the highest quality paint in the right way. Time eventually reveals the quality of the paint and the skill of the painter.  Sunlight coming through the window will eventually wear down paint on a wall.  If inferior paint was used and applied in a single coat, that fading will result in patches on your walls.
  2. Keep furniture away from the walls. Uncle Tim comes for a visit.  He has a way of falling hard into the chair when he sits down.  The chair bangs against the wall each time.  Ugh!  Now you have marks on the wall.  Keeping your furniture away from the walls can help prevent damage to your painting investment.
  3. Hang wall decorations properly. Measure and think carefully before hanging anything.  Avoid the dreaded “No, move it over a little to the right” after you’ve already marked the wall.  Use painter’s tape to affix decorations to the wall, making sure the tape is able to hold the weight of whatever You're desiring to hang.  Try to affix heavier wall decorations to the studs behind the dry wall.
  4. Avoid mold. Your house tends to be humid inside.  There may be a leak in the foundation and water gets in the basement. You have leaks in the windows or doors.  Your dryer isn’t properly vented.  All of this leads to moisture getting in the home and settling on your walls.  Suddenly, you have those dreaded black spots of mold on your paint.  If you want to protect your painting investment over a long period of time, consider how you can make your house moisture-free before the painting project.
  5. Give the children a playroom. A playroom for the children is a good idea.  Let them throw the ball around in that room.  Heck, paint the walls of the room with erasable paint, allowing the kids to draw on the walls to their heart’s content.  Just keep them out of your more formal rooms that have been painted with care and excellence.
  6. Clean your walls. Life happens.  Stuff gets on your walls, no matter how careful you have been to prevent it.  Clean your walls painted with latex paint by using a mix of dish detergent and water and wiping with a soft sponge.  You can use a mild degreaser for walls painted with oil-based paint.

At T Chieffo Custom Painters, we care about the long-term beauty of your home.  We give you our 30 years of experience and our love for painting with excellence.  By following these six steps, your painting investment with us and your beautiful walls will last a long-time.



    Hello, I just wanted to let you all know what a wonderful job you are doing with warranty. You have successfully transitioned into a routine by scheduling and competing warranty repairs in a timely manner. I just wanted to let you all know that I really appreciate your hard work and dedication. I have reattached the Open Work Order Report because we have a lot of repairs scheduled in the next few weeks. Please let the attached act as confirmation (reminder) for all upcoming warranty repairs. Thank you and keep up the great work!

    Cathy E, Toll Brothers.


    I have been doing this a long time, probably way too long, but how you, Tony and your crew handled the issue with the stairs at lot 49 was awesome! This could have turned into a complete mess but I walked into the house this morning and was impressed with finish of stairs! Even more importantly my homeowner is thrilled and very appreciative of your efforts!! Thanks again!

    Kevin Horwath, NVR Inc.


    My husband and I were extremely happy with T Chieffo Custom Painting. His men were professional, clean and were on time to start the day. I would highly recommend!

    Karen S Buckingham PA


    Everything looks great. I thought the dining room came out really well! It's different, but definitely what we were looking for. Thanks again for the fast and quality work.

    Tripp McCulloch PA


    Thanks for the hard work. The house came out great and buyer is happy as always.

    Shane Vocht, Toll Brothers Inc. PA


    Now that is fast service!!! Lot 16 WSPR homeowner just called me and mentioned that you were there to complete warranty. THANK YOU!!! FYI, He sounded very pleased with your service ….thank you.

    Cathy E, Toll Brothers


    This customer is very happy with job on the hand rails. I wanted to say thank you and please tell your guys job well done! This means a lot to me and my company.

    Kevin Pratt, NVR, Inc.

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